REACH March 2016

5th Grade: The fifth grade VHE Book Bowl is on Thursday, March 17th at 1:45 in the Van Hise Cafeteria - families are welcome to attend! The fifth graders completed their state reports using google slides. They are presenting them to their peers in Library/Reach class.

REACH February 2016

In February in Second Grade REACH, students will finish our unit on nonfiction text features. Students will find similarities and differences in all of the features we have studied (diagram, picture/caption, and table of contents, index, and glossary) and work as a group to create a graphic organizer (matrix) in order to visually cross reference the attributes of each feature.

REACH K-2 January 2016

During the month of January in Second Grade REACH, students will continue to practice understanding and analyzing text features in nonfiction text. They will specifically work with picture/captions and diagrams. Students will find, copy/paste, and print a clip art picture from Microsoft Word and then write a caption for the picture. Students work will be compiled in a booklet of picture/caption examples and displayed in the LMC.

REACH December 2015

During the month of December, Second Grade REACH students will practice understanding and analyzing nonfiction book text features: picture/caption, diagrams, table of contents, glossary, and index. To introduce the unit, students will listen to A Book is Just Like You! All About the Parts of a Book by Kathleen Fox and hear analogies that compare themselves to books.


During the month of November Second Grade REACH students will continue to consider the author’s purpose and work to identify if the author is trying to persuade, inform, and/or entertain the reader. Some of the books we will use are: Hey Little Ant (Phillip and Hannah Hoose), The Ant and the Grasshopper (Rebecca Emberley), and Inside an Ant Colony (Allan Fowler). They will use their username and password to login to our school library portal and navigate into Bookflix and Tumblebooks.

Lessons from the Library - October 2015

We have had a wonderful start to our new year in REACH/Library class despite the warm weather (students have enjoyed coming into the cool LMC to read and check out books:) All students are learning about the Dewey Decimal System to organize non-fiction books. Third and Fourth graders can continue to check out 2 books each week. Fifth graders will be allowed to check out up to 3 books once we start our non-fiction projects in October.

October K-2 REACH News

During the month of October, Second Grade REACH students will use the book Never Let a Ghost Borrow Your Library Book- Book Care Guidelines from the Library Secret Service (Karen Casale) to review how to check out and properly care for books. Later in the month students will consider the author’s purpose as they listening to The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! (JonScieszka) and Once Upon a breath, The Story of a Wolf 3 Pigs and Asthma (Aaron Zevy).

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