Physical Education

Jottings from the Gym June 2016

With the warm weather has come outdoor PE time and we are loving it! The 3-5th graders just finished up a unit that focused on throwing, catching and game play with scoops and balls. We concentrated on using a mature overhand throw, moving to catch a ball and using a triangle offense during game play. It was fun and students left the field sweaty and smiling! Ms. Koval's first and second graders also worked on their overhand throw (stepping with opposite foot), kicking (big backswing) and dribbling a ball (waist high while jogging.) Watch for their progress report on these skills.

Jottings from the Gymnasium April 2016

March Madness in the gym included loud music and lots of amazing dance moves. We have been learning new hip hop moves every day and creating our very own dances! Each dance will include a variety of arm, feet, body and floor moves along with a few gymnastics and original moves. We hope you had the chance to see us during our performances before spring break!  If not, a QR code for each class is available for you to watch at home!

Jottings from the Gym March 2016

One of our curricular strands for Physical Education is gymnastics and every year we have four weeks with "the equipment." This "equipment" travels to every elementary school in Madison and is a highlight for many of our students. The equipment includes large metal A frames that hold up bars, ladders, beams, trapezes, rings and a cargo net. We also have some stand alone boxes we use for exploring mounting and vaulting. Students use the time on the equipment to explore gymnastic basics like rotations, balances, vaulting and climbing.

Jottings from the Gym November 2015

We are FALL'in in love with being outside on these gorgeous autumn days! During Walk to School week, every 2nd - 5th grade class enjoyed walking and running on our 1 mile course which encircles the VHE campus. Our hearts and lungs got a great workout and we also discussed the mental benefits of exercise - growing brain cells, releasing hormones to help us in learning and helping us regulate our mood and energy level. We also spent a week "harvesting the heart" by participating in functional fitness in the Waukesha gardens.

Jottings From the Gym

We have been busy playing outside in this beautiful fall weather and learning how to "play fair." Learning all the rules of the playground and being a good sport is hard work but we do it so well here at Van Hise! Ask your child what their favorite playground activity we learned in PE is and let them teach it to you!

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