Lessons from the Library May 2016

3rd-5th Grade
WOW - we moved into our new beautiful Van Hise Library! The students are enjoying more space, the comfortable soft seating, and our using our new computers. My favorite features include more white board space, more room to house books (and the beautiful new bookcases), and the new circulation desk with a "real" return slot:) It's so wonderful to see the excited looks on all the students' faces as they enter, read and learn in our new space. I am so grateful to be part of our amazing VHE community!

 Lessons from the Library April 2016

Kindergarten: We will spend the month of April exploring the diagraphs TH, SH, and CH. Students will participate in a variety of hands-on activities, games, and songs to strengthen their memory and phonemic understanding of these important emergent reading letter/sound combinations. A few of the book selections include: Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale; The Hungry Thing by Jan Slepain and Ann Seidler; and Chickens to the Rescue by John Himmelman.

3rd-5th Grade Lessons from the Library December 2015

We have had another busy month in the library! Third, fourth and fifth graders enjoyed reading several Native American stories and learning about their important contributions to America’s land and culture. Third graders finished their Acrostic Name Poems. Fourth graders completed their Important People poems. Fifth graders are finishing and sharing their Non-Fiction projects with the entire class - please ask them to show you them at home on the computer or stop by the LMC to view them.

Lessons from the Library 3rd-5th

October is Anti-Bullying month. Here are a few stories (some that we read) on this topic: Say Anything, The Bully Blocker’s Club, and The Recess Queen.  Please ask your children how they can be an “ally” at Van Hise. Last month we reviewed some important internet safety rules and started learning about how and where to find sources for information in the library. This month the 3rd graders worked on their acrostic poems. The 4th graders started their Important people projects. The 5th graders started their Non Fiction projects.

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