Garden Parents Needed!

Come get your hands dirty! You don't have to have a green thumb to help your child's class get some time in the outdoor classroom. Parent volunteers are still needed to pair with classroom teachers and assist facilitating taking kids outside for learning in the garden. No experience necessary - guidance and ideas for projects are offered.

Fall projects you could assist with include helping kids collect seeds to plant next year, planting garlic, harvesting, spreading mulch, and writing observations in a garden journal.

New Outdoor Classroom

We invite you to walk under the green bean arch just north of the playground to enter our new outdoor classroom – there are so many exciting things to discover. Each grade has a raised garden bed full of veggies they planted last spring, grown around a different theme: K – pizza garden, 1st – pickle garden, 2nd – sweet and regular potatoes, 3rd – veggies to eat with dip, 4th – salsa garden, 5th – quesadilla garden. Students will be busy harvesting and preparing their dishes soon.

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