VHE Family Series - Maria Prudnikovich

Maria Prudnikovich was born in Luban, a small village near Vileika in Belarus. This is her third year at VHE: a bilingual teacher in kindergarten and first grade during her first year, a first grade teacher with Ms Mileham last year, and now a first grade teacher again. Maria Prudnikovich is also Ms Masha, her Russian nickname and also how everyone at VHE knows her.

VHE Families Series: Peng Kangzhou

Peng Kangzhou, also known as Daniel, moved to Madison with his daughter in April. They come from Chongqing, China, a city with around 20 million inhabitants encompassing over one thousand towns and smaller townships. Viola Yang, now a VHE first grader in McGuire’s class, arrived with him to join the full year experience. His wife Angela “commutes” between Chongqing and Madison. Here, they live with the Veto family, who welcomed them at the airport and since then is sharing their year-long life in the US.

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