Art Project Updates November 2015

Kindergarteners are learning about color theory. Be sure to ask them about primary and secondary colors. First graders are letting their imaginations take them to far off places with a Magic Treehouse project. Second grade is creating their first weaving from a beautiful collection of papers, which will prepare them for fiber weaving in the future. Third grade is starting an amazing project about a turtle that grows a garden on her back. Their love of nature, artistic talents and patience makes this project perfect for this group of kids!

Mosaic Update

I'm so excited to share that just this past week we finished the mosaic mural with visiting artist Megan Cain. The mural is temporarily displayed in the art room window until we see what wall space is available after the school renovations are complete.

News From the Art Room October 2015

Welcome back VHE families!  So far we are off to a great start in the art room. We're currently working with our visiting artist Megan Cain to finish our garden mosaic mural. It's been so amazing to see the mural come together over the last few weeks. Our mural has been years in the making. From fundraising, planning, designing, and laying each piece of glass our students have been part of it all, and I'm so proud. After the mural is finished it will be stored in the art room until the construction on our building is complete and we can find the best place to install it.

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