A Note from our Principal - May 2016

Art Fair at VHE

Dear Van Hise Families,

The month of May is a very joyous time of year at Van Hise. We have a number of events happening to bring together our creative community. On May 7th, we have our fabulous Art Fair where buying handmade things by local artists (including many VHE students), eating at food carts, and working in the garden are possible! On this day we also have our annual "Kindergarten Round-Up" where we invite our new group of kindergarteners in to our school to experience what it will feel like in school. It's also a time for families to learn more about kindergarten and meet teachers and other families. On May 27th, we have a "Sports Day" at our school where we will have fun engaging students, staff, and families in a number of different fun activities throughout the day and a lunch time cook-out.

In May we also begin thinking about next year in terms of teams, classrooms and systems of support for students. Here's some information about the number of grade level sections as it stands now. For our 2016-17 school year, we will have:
· 3 Sections of Kindergarten
· 3 Sections of First Grade
· 3 Sections of Second Grade
· 3 Sections of Third Grade
· 3 Sections of Fourth Grade
· 3 Sections of Fifth Grade.
I will provide information about who is teaching at each grade level in the June newsletter.

We are in the process of organizing classrooms for next year at this time. As you may know, we have students "loop up" with their teacher teams in Kindergarten to 1st Grade and 4th to 5th grades. Some students may not "loop" up to the next grade with their current teacher based upon input from myself, teachers, and/or families. In addition, staffing may impact whether a classroom stays with a teacher. You will see an input form coming in backpack mail for you to share input about your child. We want to ensure that every classroom is organized so that students have flexible learning groups and positive peer connections. We also organize our classrooms so that Special Education and English as a Second Language services can be delivered in the most inclusive, seamless ways to our students. As you can imagine, this is a complex process and we appreciate your trust in our perspectives as our teachers collaborate to organize our classrooms for next year. As usual, families will be told who their child(ren)'s general education teachers are at the Enrollment Day held at our school on Thursday, August 18th. If you have any questions about this process, feel free to talk with your child's teacher or contact me.

This sure is a busy time of year, and it takes a great deal of energy and vision to prepare for the upcoming year as we simultaneously stay focused on the present. I appreciate how our learning community works together to make sure all of our students are thriving. Thank you for all that you do for our school now and throughout the year. I wish you a fun and healthy month of May with your family and friends.

Peg Keeler, Principal

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