A Note from our Principal - June 2016

Dear Families,

June is here and I am so amazed at how fast this school year went! Over time we have watched our students grow and learn both academically and social-emotionally. I am so very proud of being a part of such a strong public school! In fact, Van Hise Elementary will be a featured school in the MMSD Annual Report because our Reading & Math Growth scores are so high! Be looking for this booklet coming to you in the fall. I will be sharing more about our School Improvement Plan and data at a meeting in the fall. I will also be posting our data profile from this year on our website at the end of the school year. Our children's growth is really exciting and I contribute a large part of our children's success to the strong collaboration we have with you and within our staff. We are so strong when we work together for our students.

This past school year, our school theme was "Families Are Our Partners". We tried some new ways of making stronger links to learning with you and gathered a lot of information from you about what you value and would like to see in the future. I am quite excited about the plan we have for the 2016-17 school year for continuing our work as partners with you for our children's success. Some of the things we will add or adjust include:
August 30th - Welcome Back Day at VHE (12-6:30 pm) and
Fall & Spring - Student Success Nights by Grade Level

A description of these events and more will be found in your child's report card on the last day - as well as a communication sent by our school. Be looking for more information coming to you about how we want to partner with you in the new school year!

The Van Hise Instructional Design describes how people and resources are organized to meet the needs of our children for the upcoming school year. For all students, we work to make sure that all children have learning groups and friends in their new classroom. Our deeply held beliefs about inclusive education for all shape how we organize our grade level teams. We have a strong sense of shared ownership for all children and bring support to them in the classroom. We will also continue "looping" at Kindergarten to 1st and 4th to 5th to provide consistency for many of the children coming into Van Hise and leaving for middle school.

Here is how we are organized for next school year:

3 Kindergarten classrooms: Ms. Drinkwine, Mrs. Robbins-Wright, , Mrs. McGuire, Mrs. Lieberman (Special Education Teacher), Mrs. Anderson-Delgado (Bilingual Resource Teacher)

3 First grade classrooms: Ms. Mileham, Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Prudnikovich "Masha", Mrs. Lieberman (Special Education Teacher), Mrs. Hsieh (Bilingual Resource Teacher)

3 Second grade classrooms: Mrs. Zucker, Mrs. Stehle, Mrs. Savage, Mrs. Miller-Bishoff (ESL teacher), Ms. Ashmore (Special Education teacher)

3 Third grade classrooms: Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs.Gamez, Mrs. Miller-Bishoff (ESL teacher), Ms. Lieberman (Special Education Teacher)

3 Fourth grade classrooms: Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Jimenez, Ms. Ludwig, Mrs. Betzwieser (ESL teacher), Ms. Ashmore (Special Education teacher)

3 Fifth grade classrooms: Mr. Christopherson, Mrs. Mahr, Ms. Gunderson, Mrs. Betzweiser (ESL teacher), Mrs. Mitchell-Ravel (Special Education teacher)

As you may have noticed, Ms. Riecke is not listed above. She is retiring after 25 years of teaching. She will be missed greatly! There are a few other friends who will be moving on to new opportunities: Mrs. Govek (speech/language), Mrs. Li (Chinese BRT), Mr. Rangel (Spanish BRT), Mrs.Kanan (Arabic BRT) Mr. Miller (Strings), and Ms. Chandler (our substitute Social Worker). We will be welcoming some new people to our Van Hise family in the fall, and I will share who they are at that time. In the meantime, I want to share my appreciation for everyone mentioned above for their wonderful contributions to our children's learning and well-being.

Please remember that the last day of school is on June 9th and it is a full day. You will receive your child's report card at this time - and remember to look at the flyer in it! You will also find a supply list for next year so you can shop summer sales, and there will be a reminder of the All-School Enrollment Day on August 18th, 11:00am-6:00pm. Note that many of our returning families will be able to go paperless for enrollment this year! Thank you again for your constant support of our school. This has been a fabulous year on many levels and I feel so very proud of being a part of a community that works collectively for our children. Have a great summer ahead and see you all very soon!


Peg Keeler

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