Lessons from the Library 3rd-5th January 2016

Through My Eyes

3rd Grade

It was great to get the students back in school. Thanks to everyone who remembered to search for and return their library books over the winter break! This month in Reach/Library, we read books with the themes of biographies, important African-American contributions to our society, sticking together through tough times, and MLK Jr. We also reviewed how to find fiction chapter books on the library shelf through a search of the electronic catalog. After discussing biographies and what they can tell us, 3rd graders began taking notes to prepare reports on famous Americans.

4th Grade

We are reading books with the following themes this month in Reach/Library class: an inspirational story of a boy who never gives up, a story about MLK Jr and Abraham Joshua Heschel’s march toward freedom, and Duke Ellington’s world famous contributions to the Jazz culture through vibrant illustrations We also reviewed how to do an electronic search for books on the library shelves. Fourth graders will be studying a non-fiction topic of to report on in our class. We are also very excited about the book bowl - students are allowed to check out up to 3 library books if they are participating in the book bowl. Please remember to turn in permission slips (more available in the LMC).

5th Grade

This month we will be reading and discussing the following books: Through My Eyes - Ruby Bridges tells her story about being the first African-American girl integrated into a public school. We will be writing letters to Barbara Henry, Ruby’s 1st grade teacher in this experience. Ms. Henry sent me a signed copy of the book including current pictures of her and Ruby Bridges for the Van Hise Library! Barack Obama, Son of Promise, Child of Hope - profiles the story of Obama as a child through his election as president in 2008. If America Were a Village - describes what the U.S. looks like with comparisons to populations of smaller sizes (i.e. if there were 100 people in the U.S.) Fifth graders will work with partners to collect information about 1 of the U.S. states and report on it using google slides. We will continue to read the Book Bowl books and have time to check with their team during Reach/Library class. Students who are participating in the Book Bowl can check out up to 3 books at a time.


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