Jottings from the Gym June 2016

With the warm weather has come outdoor PE time and we are loving it! The 3-5th graders just finished up a unit that focused on throwing, catching and game play with scoops and balls. We concentrated on using a mature overhand throw, moving to catch a ball and using a triangle offense during game play. It was fun and students left the field sweaty and smiling! Ms. Koval's first and second graders also worked on their overhand throw (stepping with opposite foot), kicking (big backswing) and dribbling a ball (waist high while jogging.) Watch for their progress report on these skills. It will come home via backpack with all of their second semester PE paperwork!

In Mr. Hampton's PE classes, to spring into summer, we've been starting to spend a bit of time outside with the straw walk, and will hopefully make it out there a couple more before the school year ends!

Otherwise we're mixing summer activities like hula hooping and disc golf/throwing with Summer Olympics activities such as hurdles, swimming and biking (on scooters), and various relays!

Be sure to allow plenty of time to spend outside being active and have a great summer!

For the final few weeks of school, we are focusing on cardiovascular fitness and track and field skills. All students are working on sustaining a fast pace walk or run to develop their heart health. We are doing this through distance runs or walk/runs of about 1/2 mile, a 3 to 4 minute timed run and a 15 minute straw walk. All of these activities require the students to try and keep going with out stopping and find a speed/pace that will help them do it. We have been very impressed with most of out students and some classes have won the "Heart Strong" Hedgie Hooray for having their entire class jog/run for the entire activity! Keep it up!

Ms. Carpenter is teaching the track and field unit and has the kids sprinting, leaping hurdles, jumping forward, throwing objects far and cooperating in relays! As they get stronger and faster, they will be ready to tackle any summer activity you have in store for them (maybe a Triathlon???) Ask your child which is their favorite event.


Westside Track Club: Provides instructional training for the techniques of track and field events for boys and girls, ages 7-15. Check out their website for more details. They started May 2nd.

Tri4Schools Triathlons (registration money is donated back to our school to fund PE and health and fitness initiatives!)
July 9th in Sun Prairie
August 20 in Middleton
*Postcards came home in May and more info available at

Have a safe and fun summer! See you next fall!
Jane Koval, Nick Hampton and Hilary Carpenter

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