Jottings from the Gym February 2016

We kept warm in January with fitness activities and manipulative skills. Our instant activity this month was Fit Laps and challenged the students to sustain an activity. Students moved in different ways (skip, slide, gallop, etc.) for 30 - 40 seconds and then held a core exercise position 30 - 40 seconds. Ask them to show you their perfect plank or beautiful boat!

Mrs. Koval's primary students (1st and 2nd) were busy dribbling, kicking, striking and throwing balls. Our goal was to dribble a ball 10 times while jogging, overhand throw with opposition (step with opposite foot) and a trunk twist and develop a two hand underhand striking pattern like is used in 4 square. We also worked on our jumping rope so we can reach our goal of 10 jumps in a row. Practice this spring!

Secondary students had fun practicing their basketball skills. We concentrated on dribbling well with both hands as well as keeping the ball safe when being guarded. Developing a crisp and accurate bounce pass and using good form when doing a set shot were also part of this unit. The highlight, of course, was getting to play games and putting the skills to the real test. Shovel off the driveway and go out and play some one on one and see how your child is doing!

CALL FOR SHOES: During the snowy season, I often have students forget their shoes and they often end up sitting our of PE - not fun for them or me! Please help you child remember to pack shoes every day or keep a pair in their locker at school. I am also in need of extra shoes for students that need to borrow shoes. Please send any shoes you would like to donate to school with your child. I especially need smaller shoes, sizes 1 - 4. Thank you!

In Mr. Hampton's PE class, we have been doing some balancing and climbing on the climbing wall. Ask your student how many panels they got across! Next we will be starting large equipment gymnastics, which includes learning how to travel across, and climb over various things, along with making a variety of shapes while balancing.

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