3rd-5th Grade Lessons from the Library December 2015


We have had another busy month in the library! Third, fourth and fifth graders enjoyed reading several Native American stories and learning about their important contributions to America’s land and culture. Third graders finished their Acrostic Name Poems. Fourth graders completed their Important People poems. Fifth graders are finishing and sharing their Non-Fiction projects with the entire class - please ask them to show you them at home on the computer or stop by the LMC to view them. We’ve already seen some great reports on Anne Frank, Rosa Parks, Sharks, Seals, The History of Van Hise Elementary School, Bananas, Soccer, and more! Fourth and fifth graders learned how to create tables on google docs and made Specials Schedules to hang in their lockers. Thanks to everyone who stopped in at the Barnes and Nobles Night - we appreciate all the proceeds and books that are coming back to Van Hise!

Book Bowl 2016

Fourth and Fifth graders received Book Bowl permission slips and book lists. Interested students should form teams amongst the three 4th and 5th grade classes of 4 students each. Please return the permission slips to the LMC by Friday, December 19th. The Fourth grade Book Bowl is Friday, March 11th at 1:45 and the Fifth Grade Book Bowl is Thursday March 17th at 1:45. Families are invited to come and watch the friendly competition in the cafeteria.


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