Van Hise Elementary Carnival

Carnival Classroom Baskets

Our Carnival classroom baskets are one of the most popular raffle items! Each class assembled a themed basket that is placed into the Silent Auction.

Support your classroom and the PTO by donating an item or contributing money to help purchase items.

Click the links below to sign up for your child's classroom:

Ms. Mileham's Class  
Room parent - Molly Hartshorn,
Ms. Butler's Class
Ms. Khaja's Class
Parent - Edwin Rogers,
Ms. Masha's Class
Ist Grade
Ms. Kraemer's Class
parent - Megan Reed,
Ms. Robbins' Class
Parent - Emily Cusic,
Ms. Drinkwine's Class
Parent - Nicole Schmies,
Ms. McGuire's Class

2nd Grade
Ms. Lane's Class
parent - Abbie Norderhaug,

Ms. Zucker's Class
Mrs. Savage's Class

3rd Grade
Ms. Nelson's Class
Parent - Gauri Bartakke,
Ms. Powell's Class
Ms. Gamez's Class

4th Grade
Ms. Gunderson's Class
Parent - Shuwen Li,
Ms. Mahr's Class
Mr. C's Class

5th Grade
Ms. Ludwig's Class
Ms. Jimenez's Class
Ms. Miller's Class


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