May 2016

Lessons from the Library May 2016

3rd-5th Grade
WOW - we moved into our new beautiful Van Hise Library! The students are enjoying more space, the comfortable soft seating, and our using our new computers. My favorite features include more white board space, more room to house books (and the beautiful new bookcases), and the new circulation desk with a "real" return slot:) It's so wonderful to see the excited looks on all the students' faces as they enter, read and learn in our new space. I am so grateful to be part of our amazing VHE community!

Walk ’n Roll

Be Active and Healthy at Van Hise this year with the Walk 'n Roll Program!

Let's all get outside to commute to school!

Van Hise Elementary encourages every student to walk, bike, and scoot to and from school with the Walk 'n Roll Program. Leave the cars behind, get to school on your feet, and earn fun rewards while doing it! How can your family be part of this program? Choose one (or more!) of the 4 options that are offered:

Save the Dates

Vitense Golf Benefit Days
We are starting a new tradition at Van Hise! We plane to celebrate the end of the year and beginning of new year at Vitense. Join your school on June 10th (the day after our last day is school) from 11-6 to celebrate the end of a great year. Then come find which teacher you and your friends have after registering for the new year on August 18th. Details will be sent out as we get closer!

Music Notes May 2016

Deep Listening

In K-2, we have really focused on expanding our listening skills, as well as our conversation and discussion around music, using appropriate academic language. Lately, we have concentrated on the element of Timbre (also known as "color") and talked about how a composer's use of different instruments and "colors" of sound can contribute to the overall mood and idea of the piece.

Hamilton PTO

The Hamilton PTO is in the process of re-forming and re-envisioning a parent group at Hamilton for next year. We have a good group of parents who are interested in experimenting with how a parent group can support middle-schoolers (who alternatively want parental support and ignore that same support) and the teachers who guide them through these interesting years. We just need the help and perspective of a few more parents!

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