January 2016

Earn Money for VHE at Metcalfe's in January

Shop Metcalfe’s This January
Save 5% & Earn 5% for VHE!

Ask your cashier to scan the barcode below and receive a 5% discount on all purchases throughout January 2016. Metcalfe’s will match that 5% at the end of the month and write a check to the Van Hise PTO!

Cards to carry with you were included in backpack mail so that you always have the barcode handy when you shop! Share one with a friend or neighbor! If you need more, extra cards will be available in the school office.

VHE Families Series: Hyuna Oh

Hyuna Oh, Dongseop Lee and their two daughters came to Madison for a short stay. They arrived during last summer from Seoul, South Korea, and are planning to leave at the end of next year. It’s not the first time Dongseop lives in Madison though. He lived here for 6 years as a graduate student. And he is now back to UW as a visiting scholar.

REACH K-2 January 2016

During the month of January in Second Grade REACH, students will continue to practice understanding and analyzing text features in nonfiction text. They will specifically work with picture/captions and diagrams. Students will find, copy/paste, and print a clip art picture from Microsoft Word and then write a caption for the picture. Students work will be compiled in a booklet of picture/caption examples and displayed in the LMC.

Music Notes January 2016

January 30th is the annual boy choir festival sponsored by Madison Youth Choirs and the Madison School District! It is open to boys in grades 2-12, with 3 different choirs that overall have more than 500 boys. I direct the elementary group of boys and would love to have many VHE kids there. I sent home a note before break. The morning, which includes music, practice, a t-shirt, snack and the concert is only $5! Scholarships are available. On January 14th, all VHE students will see the Jr. version of The Music Man, performed by Hamilton 8th graders.

Box Tops Update

Great job, VHE Families! Your clipping helped raise $1,142.50 for Van Hise! All of those little rectangles add up to some serious cash. Thank you! Our next challenge will be in February, so look for Box Tops and ask neighbors and family members to help you collect.

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