December 2015

3rd-5th Grade Lessons from the Library December 2015

We have had another busy month in the library! Third, fourth and fifth graders enjoyed reading several Native American stories and learning about their important contributions to America’s land and culture. Third graders finished their Acrostic Name Poems. Fourth graders completed their Important People poems. Fifth graders are finishing and sharing their Non-Fiction projects with the entire class - please ask them to show you them at home on the computer or stop by the LMC to view them.

VHE Families Series: Nataliya Batina

Nataliya and her 5-year-old daughter Kaite moved to Madison 14 years ago. Only a week after leaving Kharkiv, Ukraine, Kaite started kindergarten in Ms. Theis’ class at Van Hise. She enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere of her new class as well as her first teacher and friends in the US. When she arrived, Kaite spoke Russian and Ukrainian, but no English. With the support from teachers and peers, she started communicating in English fairly quickly. ESL students in Kaite’s class made this transition easier for her, since they could easily relate to her feelings and emotions.

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VHE Friends and Families!

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Van Hise Elementary Endowment Makes Grants Possible

The Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools’ School Endowments provide each school with annual income that is used to fund creative and innovative programs and projects that are not funded within the core school budget. Recently 49 schools were awarded grants totaling $86,133.

This year Van Hise had $896.00 in endowment income available to use to make grants for imaginative programs and projects that propel student learning which can’t currently be funded through the core school budget.

REACH December 2015

During the month of December, Second Grade REACH students will practice understanding and analyzing nonfiction book text features: picture/caption, diagrams, table of contents, glossary, and index. To introduce the unit, students will listen to A Book is Just Like You! All About the Parts of a Book by Kathleen Fox and hear analogies that compare themselves to books.

Music Notes December 2015

The music writing focus has been on melody this last month, with various types of music writing through the grade levels. From the kindergarten students reading with beginning music symbols through the 5th graders writing their own accompaniments and playing them together as a class, VHE music students have explored some of the structures that help music to make sense to the listeners. 

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